Ikageng number two in country with regard to domestic violence

‘Two years ago, the Ikageng police station was voted the best station in the country. Today it is the second station in the country when it comes to domestic violence reported cases. Sadly, the victims are women.’
These are the startling words of a SAPS hostage negotiator, Tebogo Diphoko, based at the Ikageng police station.
He related real-life incidents to a crowd of 400 women at a women’s month commemoration event held at the Madiba banquet halls recently.
He told the audience that he sometimes deals with hostage situations where men want to kill their families. Being a hostage negotiator, he has to talk sense into the men holding the guns.
Diphoko said in most cases, the victims are women who are physically abused by their boyfriends and husbands. ‘I talk to a woman today, tomorrow that man has killed her. When we come to her house we find a number of protection orders that she didn’t take to court. They defend their husbands, fearing that he might lose his job. Stop staying in abusive relationships for the sake of financial security, cars, and houses. Put your lives first,’ he appealed to the women.