Three rapes in Ikageng last week

This past week three rape incidents involving teens and middle-aged women were reported at the Ikageng station.
According to Sgt Kelebogile Trom, the police spokesperson, an 18-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her aunt’s boyfriend in Ext. 7 last Sunday.
‘The 45-year-old man entered the teen’s bedroom, climbed into the bed and started fondling her private parts. At that moment the girl realised that it was her aunt’s boyfriend. He held her hand and commanded her not to scream. He undressed her and continue to rape her. Thereafter he went back to her aunt’s bedroom,’ reported Trom.
Trom added that the teen did not tell her aunt and went straight to the police station to report the matter the next day. No one has been arrested at this stage.
In another incident, a 51-year-old woman alleged that her ex-boyfriend raped her in her home at about 22:00 last Saturday.
‘She was alone drinking at her home when her ex-boyfriend entered, also carrying alcohol. He accused her of taking his sunglasses. She told him she has not seen the sunglasses. He slapped her across her face and hit her with her fist on the chest. She then dragged her to her bedroom, stripped her and raped her. The woman says she kept quiet because she is afraid of the suspect. He threatened to kill her if she opens a case against him,’ said Trom.
In a third incident, a 47-year-old woman alleged that her neighbour’s nephew raped her on Sunday in Ext. 11.
Trom said the victim reported that she was at a tavern with her friends before the incident. At around 19:00, her neighbour’s nephew told her that he is waiting for her and will accompany her home.’
‘They arrived at her home at about 19:30. On arrival, she told the man that he could leave as she has arrived safely. When she entered her house, he grabbed her and forcefully kissed her. She resisted and pushed him away and he left.’
‘At about 23:30 she heard a mirror falling to the ground. She didn't get up to check, but then she heard her bedroom door opening and the same man entered the bedroom. He entered her blankets, stripped her and continued to rape her,’ said Trom.