Carletonville girl dies after smoking hubbly with friends

Amid national media reports that a strange new drug has landed several young people in hospital, a girl from Khutsong Ext. 5 died after also smoking an unknown drug this week.

According to the Carletonville police, someone called them to a house in Moringa Street at around 03:15 on Sunday, 4 November.
Upon their arrival, a paramedic on the scene told them the 14-year-old victim had already died.
The girl, who was found lying on her back in her bedroom, had been smoking hubbly with her friends. She later told her mother she felt weak and vomited several times before passing away.
By the time of the newspaper going to print, the police were still investigating the incident. They urge parents to warn their children not to take drugs or unknown substances. Last week, News24 reported that the police had sent an unknown substance for urgent forensic testing. Fourteen young adults and teenagers from Pretoria landed up in hospital after smoking the substance known as herbal blend, puff or blazing.
On 29 October, paramedics rushed three teenagers from Pretoria West to hospital after smoking the unknown substance. They were still in their school uniform. BestCare emergency services spokesperson, Xander Loubser, told News24 the three teens were in a serious condition and the doctors were treating them for symptoms including seizures, psychosis, nausea, vomiting and hallucinations. In a video shared on social media, one of the pupils is squirming and arguing with paramedics about the drip in his arm. He can also be heard denying that he had smoked anything.