About Us


Mooirivier Beskerming was founded in 1996 and is registered as Custos Beskerming BK, trading as Mooirivier Beskerming. We focus on electronic- and physical security which includes the installation and maintenance of the alarm system, 24 hour monitoring, 24 hour armed response and physical security such as access control, electric fences and security cameras.

As one of the biggest roll players in the industry we are well established in Potchefstroom and experience an ongoing growth of more than 25% per year. With “Grow through Service” as a philosophy we emphasize the quality of our service delivery which is a definite contributor towards our growth. Furthermore, our research shows that we retain the biggest number of our clients and welcome new clients with existing security infrastructure (being ex-clients of our competitors) on a frequent basis.

Our marketing strategy is based on world-class service delivery as a means to recruit new clients. We have a strict policy to never go after our competitors’ clients but rather focus on that segment of the market who does not yet make use of security services.


Through excellent service, affordability and customer care we differentiate ourselves from others and add value to the lives of our clients. Mooirivier Beskerming maintains operational excellence through efficient procedures, effective management and working relationships with all stakeholders to ensure a safer environment and accessibility to all residents in areas of operation. Mooirivier Beskerming strives toward implementing advanced technological innovation to support competent and motivated personnel in delivering comprehensive security solutions.


To remain the leading private security provider in Potchefstroom. To exploit opportunities in the emerging market by being the preferred private security service provider to the community.