Mooirivier Beskerming App

The Mooirivier Beskerming App is a mobile security application that turns your smart mobile device into your personal home alarm management system. This application is free to download and connects you directly to us and allows you to be instantly informed of any activity on your monitored premises. This function will ensure effective communication between us and our clients. 

Note the following benefits for you as client:

  • The app is user friendly.
  • Panic option by tapping or sliding of button, with immediate reaction from control room.
  • It includes 24-hour assistance from MooirivierBeskerming and ER24’s First Responder vehicle in case of medical emergency.
  • ER24’s ambulance service is free for any member that require transport to the nearest hospital, without any paperwork or payments from your side.
  • Up to 5 persons can be registered on the same account.
  • You will receive messages on the app of any person who are in need.

Download the manual for detailed instructions on how to get and use the app.