Our Services


Mooirivier Beskerming has a well-equipped control room that is manned 24 hours a day by highly trained staff capable of taking charge of emergency situations and managing it to a satisfactory solution. Through our integrated communications network and all necessary role players, the control room can immediately dispatch the required emergency service and/or backup during an emergency.


Our reaction vehicles, manned by well trained response officers, are on patrol 24 hours a day in designated areas. These reaction officers are equipped to handle any type of emergency, be it security, fire or medical. All our reaction vehicles are clearly marked and are tracked live, via satellite and monitored by the control room.


Through our partnership with ER24 we ensure real help, real fast, in case of a medical emergency. With direct contact to their ambulances and vehicles medical assistance is just seconds away.


Offsite monitoring is the next step in proactive security. Highly skilled control room personnel analyse live footage and react accordingly by either contacting the client or dispatching the necessary reaction units when an irregularity is spotted. This is an ideal security solution for residential and business premises and has proven very effective at residential complexes