What is a neighbourhood project?

A Neighbourhood project entails the cooperation between ourselves and a specific neighbourhood in an attempt to establish a bigger, safer general area. Higher visibility, better communication and eyes in the streets (monitored CCTV cameras) form the pillars of such a project. Together with representatives (of the neighbourhood) we do a thorough analysis of possible risks, followed by a solution driven approach. This does not replace one’s personal security measures, but rather focusses on the immediate surroundings of the residences within the neighbourhood.

Existing neighbourhood projects

This is a list of existing neighbourhood projects and their representatives. You’re welcome to contact these individuals by clicking on the links if you are new to the specific neighbourhood, want to sign up and join in making it a safer area for everyone involved.

Grimbeekpark : Chris Fourie – Chris.fury@vodamail.co.za

Oewersig :  Paul Harris – pmharris@mweb.co.za

Heilige akker : Gerard Moerdyk – Gerard.moerdyk@nwu.ac.za

Kannonierspark : Santie Peens – Santiep.sp@gmail.com

Mooivalleipark : Stan Taylor – stan@jtprojectservices.co.za

Cachet Park CID : Nadri Zitzke – nadri@cachetparkcid.co.za

Would you like to sign your neighbourhood up?

Leave your details here and a representative from Mooirivier Beskerming will contact you.
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